Jobs at Tradecraft

Due to the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic, Tradecraft is not currently hiring.

If you're interested in working with us in the future, we'd love to hear from you. Send an email introducing yourself to , and we'll say hello back.

We believe that traditional, risk-focussed security management doesn't work. For evidence, read the unceasing stream of major breaches in the news. It's time for a new approach. We put practical work at the heart of what we do, carrying out realistic attacks, helping clients remediate effectively and to learn how security events can be detected and managed.

While much of our work is confidential, we're as open as we can be about what we do, and we share openly and purposefully within the team. We recognise that it's essential for us to keep learning and growing, in order to keep pace with real attackers and their tactics.

We work together in offices in central London, on flexible hours, and regularly reflect with each other on how to work better together. We're a growing team, with great clients who value what we do.

We offer competitive salaries, but as just importantly, interesting and useful work. There aren't many places where you get to hack things properly. We're one of them!